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The JCSG Target Search will BLAST your sequences against the JCSG target database. When the results come back, you will have the opportunity to add these targets to your own personnel tracking list. When the targets on your list advance through the JCSG tracking system, you will be notified through email. When you receive an email stating that the target has been deposited in the PDB, our experimental data will be available to you. It is our hope that this information can further your research into your own protein whether structurally or biologically.
JCSG Target Search
Sequence File:

Notes: This service searches the homologs of protein sequences against JCSG Targets. The protein sequences must be in FASTA format (uncompressed or compressed). The number of sequences must be less than or equal to 50.
>gi|18466607|ref|NP_569415.1| streptomycin phosphotransferase

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