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Provide template file:
Upload .pdb file
(one chain only)
-OR- Get template from PDB PDB ID:         Chain to extract:

Give an alignment between target and template sequence (template on the bottom):
Each sequence should be on one continuous line, so that the alignment consists of two lines only.
Additionally, provide the target sequence's start position in the alignment.
Target Start:
Retain original conformations of conserved residues:


A. A. Canutescu, A. A. Shelenkov, and R. L. Dunbrack, Jr. A graph theory algorithm for protein side-chain prediction. Protein Science 12, 2001-2014 (2003).
S.F. Altschul et al., "Basic local alignment search tool," Journal of Molecular Biology, 215:403-10, 1990.

Calvin Chen, Lukasz Jaroszewski
Joint Center for Structrual Genomics
@ Center for Research in Biological Systems (UCSD)