Protein Sequence Comparative Analysis   (PSCA)
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NM_002092 PDB Fold Similairty

PDB sequences with significant alignments within target range (348 - 386). (Other protein annotations are based on the whole sequence)

Sequence information                                           Score	E-value

Except the additional notes, the protein annotation is based on the whole protein sequence, not only on the selected fragment of target sequence. In this page, only the PDB sequences whose alignments fall in or overlap with the target range are displayed.
Homologous search is done using BLAST from NCBI BLAST against database pdbnr with expect (E-value cut-off) at 0.001. The structure of a PDB sequence may be fully or partly solved. The non-redundant database pdbnr consists of unique PDB sequences from the representative PDB chains. Each representative chain has the best structural coverage in the set of the same sequences. You could click a sequence ID to see all of PDB chains associated with the sequence ID plus sequence alignments and structural coverages.

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