Protein Sequence Comparative Analysis   (PSCA)
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Pfam model: JCSG-30643, 0000.0002037, 0000.0002037

HMMER2.0  [2.3.2]
NAME  0000.0002037
LENG  125
ALPH  Amino
RF    no
CS    no
MAP   yes
COM   hmmbuild -f hmm.dir/0000.0002037.hmm aln.dir/0000.0002037.aln
COM   hmmcalibrate hmm.dir/0000.0002037.hmm
NSEQ  17
DATE  Wed Jun 25 19:07:16 2008
Link to Pfam (Cambridge) for  detailed description of 0000.0002037
FSS for  functional & structural coverage of 0000.0002037

Sequences covering model 0000.0002037

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