Protein Sequence Comparative Analysis   (PSCA)
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104161995    PFAM and Other Family Domains

   Single domain is shown with a single color      Overlapping domains are shown as mixed colors
Index Model Accession Type seq_f seq_t seq_b hmm_f hmm_t hmm_b Bitscore E_value
1 BIG_264 BIG_264 Unknown 36 140 .. 1 172 [] 94.9 2.8e-25
2 HD PF01966 FAMILY 33 136 .. 1 154 [] 69.2 1.6e-17
3 v3_1_0:1xx7E00 v3_1_0:1xx7E00 Unknown 1 208 [. 1 184 [] 36.8 5.1e-11
4 BIG_195 BIG_195 Unknown 61 112 .. 1 78 [] 14.5 .00028
   From   Expect (E_value cut-off) 
FSS for  functional & structural coverage of BIG_264...

The types of Pfam domains and families include Family, Domain, Repeat and Motif. You can retrieve sequences that cover the Pfam model from JCSG sequence pool. The structural coverage displays the informatiom of seed sequences for the Pfam model and showes if the Pfam model is covered by PDB sequences or JCSG targets.
Domain and family search is done using HMMER program and PFAM database with expect (E-value cut-off) at 0.05. The Pfam protein families database. A. Bateman, E. Birney, R. Durbin, S.R. Eddy, K.L. Howe, and E.L.L. Sonnhammer Nucleic Acids Research, 28:263-266, 2000.

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