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Functional & Structural Space    (FSS)
Functional & Structural Space
Families:19188 - Before
Structures: -
   166217 of protein chains
   48135 of unique protein sequences
Method:hmmpfam - Threshold: gathering cut-off
Type Models PDB Coverage Covp(%)
19188 4809 25.06
DOMAIN 2756 2207 80.08
FAMILY 7356 2523 34.30
MOTIF 68 30 44.12
REPEAT 160 49 30.63
8848 0 0.00
The space between function and structure is calculated based on Pfam family & domain database, PDB biological macromolecular structure database and JCSG tracking and annotation database.

The program hmmpfam from HMMER package is used to search Pfam models within PDB protein sequences. You can retrieve Pfam families by filters as PDB or JCSG target coverage. The colors for coverage are associated with Pfam HMM scores (green:trusted cutoff, yellow:gathering threshold, red:noise cut off, no: no hit). The operators AND (whitespace between two words) and OR (comma between two words) are supported in the fields as keywords, model or protein accession.
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